Dr. Hossein Jahangirian

Founder, Chairman, and R&D Director

Dr. Hossein Jahangirian PhD in Analytical Chemistry, He as a creator and modest manager has worked with a multifunctional team in a fast-paced environment, managing priorities, troubleshooting and maintaining timelines for multiple projects to achieve departmental and organizational objectives. He as a specialist, is an accomplished and collaborative scientist well-versed and experienced in analytical chemistry and possess in-depth industrial experience in drug discovery, polymer & material science, formulation development and analysis, attribute characterization, purification, and separation technologies to develop regulated pharmaceutical, chemical and biotechnological products

He has more than 30 years of professional and managerial experience in chemical, biochemical and fertilizer industry, production of water and wastewater treatment compound, polymers & nanocomposites and organometals, production of inorganic compounds, production of greases and bio lubricants, production and formulation of pesticides and insecticides, and biotechnology, genetic engineering and pharmaceutical industries. He is the founder and established several companies in the above area.

He as a researcher, has actively built strong partnerships and collaboration with external research facilities and researchers in discovery, formulation, process, and quality control teams to identify and solve significant project-related problems ensuring scientific excellence, technological development, and advancing research and innovation. he has an enthusiastic, professional attitude with excellent communication skills as demonstrated by 50 symposia presentations and research publications in peer-reviewed journals.

He has recently served as a Research Scientist in Biomedical and Nanomedicine at the School of Chemical Engineering, Northeastern University of Boston, USA and he is currently a member of the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Nanomedicine from Dove Medical Press.

Dr. Roshanak RafieeMoghaddam

Founder and Managing Director

Dr. Roshanak Rafiee Moghaddam has PhD in Chemistry from UKM University, As a creator and humble manager, she has collaborated with a versatile team in a dynamic work environment. Her responsibilities included managing priorities, addressing challenges, and ensuring adherence to timelines across various projects, ultimately contributing to the attainment of both departmental and organizational goals.

Functioning as a specialist, she stands out as an accomplished and cooperative scientist with extensive expertise in medicinal chemistry. Her professional journey encompasses profound industrial experience in diverse areas such as drug discovery, formulation development, analysis, and attribute characterization, purification, and separation technologies. This broad skill set uniquely positions her to contribute to the development of regulated pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and biotechnological products.

With over 25 years of professional and managerial experience, she has excelled in various industries, including chemical, biochemical, and nano fertilizer production. Her expertise extends to water and wastewater treatment compounds, as well as the formulation of greases, bio-lubricants, pesticides, insecticides, and medicinal plant supplements.

As a dedicated researcher, she has proactively fostered robust partnerships and collaborations with external research facilities and fellow researchers. This collaborative effort spans across discovery, formulation, process, and quality control teams, aimed at identifying and resolving substantial project-related challenges. Her commitment ensures a commitment to scientific excellence, technological advancement, and the progression of research and innovation.

Her professional demeanor is marked by enthusiasm, complemented by excellent communication skills. This is exemplified through her participation in 30 symposia presentations and the publication of research findings in peer-reviewed journals.

Rojin Jahangirian

Manager of administrative & public relation affairs

An expert in supervising office affairs, professional in building and maintaining relationships with public and private organizations. Expert in communication within the organization, including keeping employees informed about important developments and fostering a positive internal culture.

Experienced in creating and executing communication strategies that align with the organization’s goals, mission, and values.

Experienced in facilitating communication within the organization and acting as a liaison between management and administrative staff.

Experienced in addressing issues and challenges related to administrative processes, proposing solutions, and optimizing workflows.

Experienced in implementing and overseeing the use of technology tools and systems to enhance administrative efficiency.