1- Designing and installation of the chemical manufacture:

      • Sulfuric acid plant (60-150 MT/day, small plant)
      • Pesticide and Insecticide Formulation manufactures
      • Vegetable oil extraction and purification production line
      • Bio and chemical fertilizer production line
      • Paint manufactures

    2- Designing and installation of the water treatment compounds production line:

        • Aluminum sulphate
        • Poly aluminum chloride
        • Ferric chloride

      3- Designing and installation of the mineral compounds production line:

          • Copper sulphate, Copper nitrate, Copper chloride, Copper hydroxyl chloride
          • Iron(II) sulphate, Iron oxide, Iron(II) nitrate, Iron(III) chloride
          • Zinc sulphate, Zinc oxide, Zinc nitrate, Zinc chloride
          • Magnesium sulphate, Manganese(II) sulphate
          • Ammonium sulphate, Ammonium nitrate
          • Calcium nitrate, Calcium chloride

        4- Designing and installation of the oleochemicals production line:

            • Lubricant and bio lubricant
            • Anionic and cationic emulsifiers
            • Fatty acids and Paraffin
            • Aluminum stearate, Calcium stearate, Zinc stearate
            • Magnesium stearate , Potassium stearate
            • Glycerin

          5- Designing and installation of the material science production line:

              • Fe3O4/ Zeolite,  Fe2O3 / Zeolite,  FeO / Zeolite
              • Cu(OH)2/ Zeolite,  Cu2(OH)3Cl / Zeolite