Copper is an essential micronutrient for plants, although it is required in very small amounts compared to other nutrients. Despite its relatively low concentration, copper plays a crucial role in various biochemical and physiological processes within plants.

Copper Growth-Marvelous stands as an exceptional supplier, marked by its proficiency in fulfilling the indispensable copper requirements of plants. It navigates with expertise through a diverse array of physiological and nutritional considerations, skillfully addressing the challenges that arise from significant copper deficiencies across a wide spectrum of plant species.

With meticulous precision, this fertilizer choreographs the delivery of essential copper content, effectively shaping the course of plant growth and development. Its systematic approach ensures the provision of not only vital nutrients for metabolic processes but also strategic bolstering, reinforcing the inherent protective mechanisms of plants against ailments that can flourish in the wake of inadequate copper levels.

Copper Growth-Marvelous proves to be an invaluable catalyst for the intricate realm of metabolism, with Copper at the helm. Acting as an essential cofactor, Copper takes center stage in a multitude of enzymes that orchestrate critical metabolic reactions within plants. These enzymes stand as linchpins, steering fundamental processes encompassing photosynthesis, respiration, lignin synthesis, and the efficient breakdown of carbohydrates.

Furthermore, Copper Growth-Marvelous emerges as a potent enhancer of photosynthesis, attributed to the pivotal role of Copper. Its indispensability extends to the assembly and stabilization of specific components within chloroplasts – the very factories responsible for photosynthesis. In this orchestration, Copper contributes to the synthesis of chlorophyll, the pigment that serves as nature’s light-capturing agent. This essential pigment transforms radiant energy into chemical vitality, fueling the intricate dance of life within plants.

In addition to its roles in metabolism and photosynthesis, Copper Growth-Marvelous profoundly influences energy production within plants. Copper-appointed enzymes play a pivotal role in cellular respiration, a process through which plants meticulously break down sugars to yield energy. These enzymes form an integral part of the electron transport chain, a linchpin in the process of energy generation within plant cells. Through its participation in this energetic symphony, Copper solidifies its position as an indispensable contributor to the vibrant rhythm of plant life.

In essence, Copper Growth-Marvelous multifaceted impact traverses the expansive realm of metabolism, photosynthesis, and energy production. Copper’s strategic involvement acts as the driving force behind these intricate processes, rendering this fertilizer an instrumental partner in nurturing thriving and vital plant life.

Copper Growth-Marvelous emerges as a catalyst for the intricate process of Lignin Synthesis, courtesy of Copper’s indispensable role. Copper’s presence is requisite for the precise construction of lignin, a sophisticated compound that imparts structural integrity to plants. Lignin, a fundamental constituent of cell walls, bestows upon plants not only the resilience needed to withstand physical stress but also the rigidity essential for their overall architectural stability.

Moreover, Copper Growth-Marvelous influence extends to the realm of flowering, where Copper’s significance is magnified. Copper emerges as an active participant in the orchestration of ethylene synthesis, a pivotal plant hormone. Ethylene plays a multifaceted role, guiding the processes of flowering, the development of fruits, and even the natural progression of aging known as senescence. Copper’s engagement in this hormonal symphony underscores its role in steering key phases of plant growth and development.

Additionally, Copper Growth-Marvelous extends its impact to the domain of Iron Uptake, where Copper assumes an indirect yet crucial role. Copper’s involvement resonates through the synthesis of compounds aptly termed “iron chelators.” These compounds, guided by Copper’s influence, are integral in facilitating the absorption of iron from the soil, a vital nutritional source for plants. This intricate web of interactions highlights the fertilizer’s comprehensive contribution to the intricate nutrient dynamics that fuel plant vitality.

In essence, Copper Growth-Marvelous reach spans from the intricate realm of Lignin Synthesis, weaving the foundation of plant strength, to the nuanced dance of flowering orchestrated by Copper’s hand. The narrative is enriched by Copper’s indirect role in Iron Uptake, painting a picture of a fertilizer that champions not only the foundational aspects of growth but also the intricate tapestry of plant development and health.

Copper Growth-Marvelous emerges as a guardian of Pathogen Defense, fortified by Copper’s remarkable antimicrobial properties. Notably, Copper’s efficacy as a fungicide in agriculture underscores its potency in combatting various microbial threats. In response to the lurking dangers of pathogens, certain plants strategically accumulate Copper, transforming it into a defense mechanism against potential attacks. This fortification, guided by Copper’s influence, stands as a testament to the fertilizer’s role in bolstering plant resilience against adversities.

Furthermore, Copper’s influence extends to the realm of Stress Tolerance, where it assumes the role of an enhancer. Copper’s presence equips plants with heightened resilience against a spectrum of stresses, including the perils posed by reactive oxygen species (ROS) that orchestrate oxidative stress. By adeptly mitigating these oxidative challenges, Copper cements its role in bolstering the plants’ capacity to navigate through diverse stressors.

It remains imperative, however, to recognize the fine balance that governs Copper’s role. While its benefits are unmistakable, the excessive presence of Copper can prove detrimental to plants. Symptoms such as leaf wilting, impaired growth, and even mortality can manifest as consequences of copper toxicity. The availability of Copper in the soil is influenced by a multitude of factors, including soil pH, organic matter content, and intricate interactions with other elements. Just as with other micronutrients, maintaining an equilibrium and ensuring that plants receive a suitable copper dosage stands as an indispensable element of fostering their optimal growth and well-being.

Method of Use

  • Copper Growth-Marvelous should be diluted in water at a ratio of 3 to 5 per 1000 and used for agricultural and garden crops (Dissolve the contents of the container (1 gallon) in 120-200 gallons of water and spray on the plant).
  • Spraying is better to be done three to 8 times in every farming season
  • Copper Growth-Marvelous should be diluted in water at a ratio of 1 per 1000 and used for flowers house plants, turf and shrubs


  • Avoid using during blooming period, rainy conditions and when the plant is thirsty.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Stored in standard storage conditions.


Element(W / V)  %
N –.K3.0 ± 2.0 %
Cu – Y 22.0 ± 1.0  %
Y = Chelating Agents20.0 ± 1.0 %

Physical properties:   aqueous solution,   pH = 5.0 – 6.0

Disposal Methods

Empty container: can be offered for recycling or disposed of in regular trash

Unused product: We recommend you use all product. If you do not wish to use, could give it to a friend to use. Otherwise, we recommend contacting your local refuse company to ask about a fertilizer waste pick-up.