Magnesium Growth-Marvelous distinguishes itself as a top-tier provider, skillfully meeting the essential magnesium needs of plants. It adeptly tackles physiological and nutritional concerns, while also combatting diseases arising from severe magnesium deficiency in various plant species.

Magnesium Growth-Marvelous enhances the synthesis of chlorophyll by serving as a pivotal component within the chlorophyll molecule. Chlorophyll’s significance in photosynthesis is undeniable, as it captures light energy and converts it into chemical energy. Maintaining optimal magnesium levels supports this process, fostering efficient photosynthesis and the subsequent transformation of light energy.

Furthermore, Magnesium Growth-Marvelous contributes to the activation of essential enzymes. Magnesium acts as a vital cofactor for numerous enzymes central to critical biochemical reactions in plants. These enzymes undertake crucial responsibilities such as facilitating nutrient uptake, orchestrating DNA synthesis, and driving energy production. By providing essential magnesium, Magnesium Growth-Marvelous plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the uptake and movement of additional nutrients, including phosphorus and potassium. It exerts influence over the pivotal action of plant root pores, also known as stomata, by impacting their opening and closing. This modulation directly influences the efficiency of nutrient absorption processes.

Magnesium Growth-Marvelous enriches cell membrane functionality as Magnesium actively reinforces the steadfastness and completeness of cellular membranes. It assumes the role of regulating membrane permeability, exerting a profound influence on the passage of substances into and out of cells. Additionally, it contributes to the facilitation of respiration and energy transfer. Magnesium’s involvement in cellular respiration, the process that liberates energy from nutrients to fuel diverse plant functions, is vital. It further serves as a conduit for the conveyance of energy within cells, thus promoting their vigorous activities.

Magnesium Growth-Marvelous possesses the capacity to impact soil pH, functioning as a buffering agent to mitigate acidity. This action collectively contributes to fostering an environment more conducive to optimal plant growth. Moreover, through the maintenance of appropriate magnesium levels, this fertilizer augments a plant’s resilience against a spectrum of stressors, encompassing extreme temperatures, drought, and diseases. It actively aids in the production of stress-related compounds, bolstering the plant’s adaptive capabilities in challenging conditions.

Magnesium Growth-Marvelous contributes significantly to the advancement of root development, primarily due to the indispensable role of Magnesium. Root growth and progression hinge upon the presence of this vital element, which not only affects the extension of roots but also plays a key role in guiding their branching patterns. Furthermore, Magnesium influences the uptake of essential nutrients and contributes to the overall health and robustness of the root system, ensuring a well-established and efficient foundation for plant growth.

Magnesium Growth-Marvelous helps a crucial role in facilitating seed germination. Magnesium’s presence is imperative during this initial stage and the subsequent early growth of seedlings. It plays a pivotal role in activating the enzymes essential for the germination process, ensuring a successful commencement of growth.

Magnesium Growth-Marvelous significantly aids in the process of protein synthesis. Magnesium’s involvement in this fundamental mechanism is pivotal, as protein synthesis is indispensable for the creation of new tissues, fostering growth, and facilitating the repair of existing structures.

Magnesium Growth-Marvelous actively contributes to the process of carbon fixation. Magnesium’s integral role within enzymes is particularly notable, as these enzymes facilitate the crucial conversion of atmospheric carbon dioxide into organic compounds during photosynthesis a fundamental mechanism that sustains plant life.

Method of Use

  • Magnesium Growth-Marvelous should be diluted in water at a ratio of 3 to 5 per 1000 and used for agricultural and garden crops (Dissolve the contents of the container (1 gallon) in 120-200 gallons of water and spray on the plant).
  • Spraying is better to be done three to 8 times in every farming season
  • Magnesium Growth-Marvelous should be diluted in water at a ratio of 1 per 1000 and used for flowers house plants, turf and shrubs


  • Avoid using during blooming period, rainy conditions and when the plant is thirsty.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Stored in standard storage conditions.


Element(W / V)  %
N –.K3.0 ± 2.0 %
Mg – Y 30.0 ± 1.0  %
Y = Chelating Agents20.0 ± 1.0 %

Physical properties:   aqueous solution,   pH = 5.0 – 6.0

Disposal Methods

Empty container: can be offered for recycling or disposed of in regular trash

Unused product: We recommend you use all product. If you do not wish to use, could give it to a friend to use. Otherwise, we recommend contacting your local refuse company to ask about a fertilizer waste pick-up.