Zinc is an essential micronutrient for plants, meaning that it is required in small quantities for their growth and development. It plays a crucial role in various physiological and biochemical processes within plants.

Zinc Growth-Marvelous sets itself apart as an outstanding provider, skillfully fulfilling the essential zinc requirements of plants. It expertly addresses a range of physiological and nutritional considerations, effectively combatting ailments that stem from pronounced zinc deficiencies across diverse plant species.

By precisely delivering the necessary zinc content, this fertilizer optimizes plant growth and development. Its meticulous approach ensures that plants receive not only the required nutrients for their metabolic processes but also the strategic support needed to bolster their natural defenses against diseases triggered by zinc insufficiency.

With its proactive formulation, this fertilizer stands as a testament to effective plant care, enhancing the overall health and resilience of vegetation. Through its multifaceted action, it plays a pivotal role in cultivating robust and thriving plant life in the face of varying environmental challenges.

Zinc Growth-Marvelous significantly contributes to the intricate metabolic processes of plants, facilitated by its rich zinc content. Zinc serves as an integral constituent of a multitude of enzymes, intricately participating in diverse metabolic reactions essential for plant vitality. These enzymes play a pivotal role in vital processes, including but not limited to photosynthesis, hormone synthesis, and protein metabolism.

In addition to this fertilizer plays a pivotal role in amplifying the process of photosynthesis, which is pivotal for plant vigor. Zinc’s indispensable role lies in its necessity for the production of chlorophyll – the very pigment that empowers plants to capture radiant light energy and seamlessly transform it into vital chemical energy through photosynthesis. By maintaining optimal levels of zinc, this fertilizer remarkably augments the photosynthetic capacity of plants, resulting in not only enhanced energy production but also an overall elevation in plant growth and vitality.

Zinc Growth-Marvelous exerts a profound influence on the intricate realm of auxin regulation, a pivotal aspect of plant physiology. Auxins, the masterful orchestrators of cell elongation and growth, find their guidance in this fertilizer’s intervention. Zinc, a stalwart partner in this endeavor, expertly oversees the synthesis, transportation, and distribution of these vital plant hormones, thus wielding a significant sway over the comprehensive panorama of plant growth and development.

Furthermore, this fertilizer extends its beneficial impact to the intricate process of protein synthesis within plants. Zinc emerges as a linchpin for the creation of diverse proteins, constituting a vital cornerstone of this vital biological process. It collaborates with ribosomes, the cellular architects of protein synthesis, ensuring that this foundational process is executed with precision. The integrity of protein synthesis, a linchpin for multifaceted plant growth, stands fortified by this fertilizer’s meticulous facilitation.

Moreover, the realm of DNA synthesis finds a reliable ally in this fertilizer. Zinc’s involvement in DNA replication and repair, two cardinal processes, underscores its indispensable role in the expansive sphere of plant growth, development, and reproduction. As plants embark on the intricate journey of sustaining and perpetuating their genetic heritage, this fertilizer, with its zinc-enriched composition, emerges as a reliable steward of this fundamental biological course.

Zinc Growth-Marvelous serves as a catalyst for the enhancement of plant respiration, a pivotal process that relies on the presence of zinc. Within the intricate machinery of cellular function, zinc assumes a crucial role in the breakdown of carbohydrates, a fundamental step in the production of energy within plant cells. By facilitating this energy generation, the fertilizer contributes to the overall vitality and metabolic equilibrium of plants.

Moreover, this fertilizer emerges as a formidable ally in bolstering plants’ resilience against a multitude of environmental stressors. By maintaining optimal zinc levels, plants acquire an increased capacity to confront and endure various adversities, ranging from drought and disease to unpredictable temperature fluctuations. This resilience, instilled by the presence of adequate zinc, empowers plants to navigate the challenges presented by their surroundings with heightened adaptability.

Furthermore, Zinc Growth-Marvelous establishes itself as a pivotal driver of nutrient uptake and mobility within plants. Zinc’s far-reaching influence extends to the transportation and assimilation of other essential nutrients, such as phosphorus and nitrogen. This orchestration of nutrient movement not only ensures a balanced nutritional intake but also contributes to the overarching health of the plant. The fertilizer’s role in nutrient dynamics lays the foundation for robust growth and development.

While recognizing zinc’s significance, it remains paramount to emphasize the necessity of maintaining optimal concentrations. Inadequate zinc levels can manifest as telltale signs of deficiency, including stunted growth, diminished yield, and the onset of chlorosis, which manifests as the yellowing of leaves. Conversely, excessive zinc can have detrimental effects, including hindered root growth and compromised nutrient absorption.

To ensure that plants receive the requisite zinc dosage, meticulous attention to soil pH is imperative. The availability of zinc is intricately linked to soil pH, underscoring the importance of maintaining pH within an appropriate range. In cases where zinc deficiency is suspected, the strategic application of fertilizers enriched with zinc can effectively mitigate the concern, ushering in a phase of robust and thriving plant growth.

Method of Use

  • Zinc Growth-Marvelous should be diluted in water at a ratio of 3 to 5 per 1000 and used for agricultural and garden crops (Dissolve the contents of the container (1 gallon) in 120-200 gallons of water and spray on the plant).
  • Spraying is better to be done three to 8 times in every farming season
  • Zinc Growth-Marvelous should be diluted in water at a ratio of 1 per 1000 and used for flowers house plants, turf and shrubs


  • Avoid using during blooming period, rainy conditions and when the plant is thirsty.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Stored in standard storage conditions.


Element(W / V)  %
N –.K3.0 ± 2.0 %
Zn – Y 24.0 ± 1.0  %
Y = Chelating Agents20.0 ± 1.0 %

Physical properties:   aqueous solution,   pH = 5.0 – 6.0

Disposal Methods

Empty container: can be offered for recycling or disposed of in regular trash

Unused product: We recommend you use all product. If you do not wish to use, could give it to a friend to use. Otherwise, we recommend contacting your local refuse company to ask about a fertilizer waste pick-up.